Ultrascan 2004
Copyright 2004-2014 НПП Метакон.
The device is manufactured in accordance with Technical Requirements
Certified in the System of Facultative Certification of Means of Measurement Allowed for Application at Railroad Transport, No.05 03 066
Monitoring device for checking of alive high-voltage power equipment
"Ultrascan 2004"
The device is aimed at remote detection of electrical leakage in power equipment by means of the method of registration of partial and corona electrical discharges
  • Detection of defective insulators in power lines
  • Inspection of switching substation equipment
  • Inspection of insulators in lines of automatic block systems at railway
  • The device could be used for detection of fluid leakage in tubings and gas pipelines under pressure
  • High sensitivity
  • Narrow directional diagram
  • Precise aiming at an object by means of the laser sight
  • Possibility of visual inspection using the optical viewing device
  • Application of correlation processing for reliable signal enhancing
  • Possibility to record signals in the device and their transmission to a personal computer
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment with the possibility of manual setting
Main advantages:
  The method of detection of the ultrasound radiation emitted by partial and corona discharges is used in the device. Received radiation is subjected to the special processing which includes using of a correlation analysis. After that, the device gives the conclusion about the presence of a discharge, and switches on an alarm signal. Thus, any electrician can operate the device without any special training.
The device is additionally completed with an optical telescope which enables the worker to produce pointing of the device precisely at a tested object. The pointing of the device is also checked by means of a built-in laser-object-seeker. The application of the optical sighting telescope gives the possibility to make the mandatory preliminary visual inspection of objects under test.
The device complete set contains the dictating microphone with the solid-state nonvolatile memory. With the help of the dictaphone one can record the ultrasound signal emitted by the object under testing and some comments on the objects inspected. Then, the recorded data can be transmitted to a computer. The device has an output for connection with headphones, which enable one to detect the electric discharges or leakage by ear.

Device operation