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Acoustic measuring device M-04-20 is an acoustic versatile gauge for length measurement of round and profile pipes made of various materials (black, galvanized, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, polymers, etc.)
Acoustic measuring device М-04-20
The device allows:
  • Promptly to evaluate the delivered bulk of pipes by one person without unloading of the vehicle
  • Quickly to draw up documents on the delivery quality, thus lessening the transport demurrage of motor and railway transport
  • To get a direct economic profit by economy of man power, increasing the accuracy of stock-taking and rate of customer service (up to 1 per cent of a measured bulk of pipes).
Main advantages:
  • short period of pipe length measurement
  • possibility of gauging with access to one end of a pipe only
  • counter of amount of measured pipes and their total length
  • permanent memory and possibility of data transmission to a computer
  • measuring of pipes placed both in a pack and on a shelving
Range of measured length                                4-20m
Outer diameter of measured pipes                    from 40 to 120mm
Relative error of measurement                         ± 0.5 per cent
Operating temperature range                            from - 10?C to + 40?С
Uninterrupted operation after one charge         no less than 10 h
Overall dimension                                             220x110x45 mm
Weight (with attachments)                                up to 1.5kg

Technical characteristics
The acoustic measuring device can be used in oil and gas industries, at enterprises of national economy  in warehouses or field conditions

Acoustic measuring device