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Device for detection of low-resistance contact-line supports in group "Poisk"
The device is manufactured according to Technical Requirements 4276-006-42376246-2004
The device is designed for detection of low-resistance contact-line supports in a group of supports by potential gradient without disconnection of the supports from a group grounding cable (in accordance with "The instructions in technical maintenance and repair of contact-line support constructions", item 4.2.9, Moscow, 2003) and without application of additional electric power supplies.
Main advantages:
  • The device is easy and reliable in operation
  • Small-size leak detector
  • Enables to minimize the time of measurement
  • High reliability of detection of low resistance contact-line supports
Output current provided by the device        0.15 amp
Relative error of output current value          5 per cent
Direct current pulse duration                              1 sec
Alternating current pulse duration                       1 sec
Alternating current pulse frequency            13,775 Hz
Resistance range provided with output current of the device        no less than  0 - 500 Om
Time of continuous running until battery recharging    no less than                                 4 h
Overall dimensions                                                                              180 x 160 x 65mm

Technical characteristics
Various modifications of the device have been supplied to power economy establishments of public corporation "Russian Railroad" since 1997.