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The device is designed for on-line diagnostics of high-voltage porcelain 110 kV post rod insulators. It allows to test all types of porcelain insulators. The device is controlled by one button, placed on the handle of the striker. The device is easy in operation and does not require special knowledge for test operation. Nonvolatile memory and logical interface with a personal computer enables one to receive a test report immediately after testing.
Main advantages:
  • the device can be used for testing of any kind of porcelain 110 kV post rod insulators
  • it is possible to test insulators installed at outdoor switchgears and unmounted ones as well
  • nonloading method of insulator testing is used in the device operation, therefore, insulator strength is not reduced during the testing
  • time of complete testing of one insulator including the preparatory operations takes no more than 5 minutes
  • testing results could be stored in the device memory, transmitted to a computer (this allows to see to the condition of each insulator during several years), and then printed out as a test report
The device is manufactured in accordance with Technical Requirements 4252-002-27172678-2003, certified in Certification System of power industry  "EnCERTICO" (registration No. 0034300704).
Acoustic inspection device for testing of high-voltage insulators "Metakon-Express"