Scientific-Production Enterprise
"Metakon", ltd
· Founded 22 February 1995 in Tomsk, Russia.
· The aim of the enterprise establishment was the development and introduction of science intensive production on the basis  of recent achievements in physics and electronics.
· The main line of the enterprise activity is the development, manufacturing, and supply of the equipment for non-destructive inspection.
· The equipment fields of application - power industry, railway transport.
· All the equipment has certificates of conformance. 11 patents for inventions were received.

    Our developments
  • Acoustic inspection device for testing of high-voltage rod porcelain insulators of 35kV and 110kV "Metakon-Express"
  • Monitoring device for checking of alive high-voltage power equipment "Ultrascan 2004"
  • Railroad contact-line support testing device "PK-2"
  • Device for detection of low-resistance contact-line supports in group "Poisk"
  • Device for pipe length measurement  "Acoustic measuring device М04-20"

21 March, 2006
The enterprise system of quality management was certified in accordance with ISO9001:2000

17 March, 2006
The design of the site was changed

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